Logging to a remote server in Dynamics online

Logging in Dynamics should be easy right?

As I mentioned in A Poor Dynamics Plugin, diagnosing an issue can be challenging in Dynamics CRM Online. I have not yet had the pleasure of working with an on-premise install of Dynamics. To simplify debugging issues in my plugins, I felt it was desirable to log to a centralized log server.


A Poor Dynamics Plugin

A dissection of the first Dynamics plugin I ever saw

I'd like to show you a slightly modified version of a plugin. This was the first piece of code I had ever seen for the purpose of extending Microsoft Dynamics' backend.


Hello Dynamics World

A quick summary of my reaction to being immersed in Dynamics, and why I started this blog.

Over the last month and a bit or so at my work, I've been working on replacing a legacy system with Dynamics CRM.